Friday, November 03, 2006

Bad Poetry & Good Pictures

Last night the College held its Frighteningly Bad Poetry Reading. Gene got into it big time, not only producing a couple of minor masterpieces of crap poetry, but dressing as the quintessential beatnik/Frenchie poet, with stripey shirt and my Canterbury beret. The students (a few faculty members!) got into the spirit of things with bad costumes, bad poetry (some reaching back into juvenalia, others composing doggerel during dull meetings) and spectacularly bad performances. topics ranged from necrophilia (a prize winner) to toast (the latter perhaps the best performance, but that wasn't up for awards this time). A good time was had by all, much guffaws and titters.

I'm sure, if you ask nicely, Gene will share his odes with the world. In fact, I'll offer to print them here.

Which reminds me that Gene got our Halloween pictures up and I forgot to link to them here. You've probably seen the other pictures already, but if you're not tired of the same costumes yet, here's ours.


Crispinus said...

Please, please, please, let us read Gene's bad poetry! Show us how bad he sucks, please!

Is that asking nicely enough?

The Queen said...

I would be eternally grateful for Gene's bad poetry- I only really know him for his bad jokes.

Anonymous said...

"Wrongly Scrived Haiku Serves as Request" or

Before I leave
A boon is craved:
The poem that IS Kannenberg*
To be shared with World

*This line emphasized of course with SHATNERian force