Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Updates

Hey folks, just to let you know we will be staying in our house in the Heights, which is expected to be well out of the flood surges. We do have to worry about winds, though, and are doing our best to prepare for them. Lots of water, movables inside. Yes, we're going to fill the bathtub.

Cell networks are already overloaded, so calls may not go through. We'll plan to update you all via the blogs because that will be the simplest thing. We will probably lose electricity, so we may not be able to email as constantly as usual, but we'll do our best to update Fri and Sat when the worst of it will be.

Wish us luck -- hope for the storm to reduce or at least track further east. We'll try to keep warm and dry.

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Crispinus said...

Good luck, recalcitrant Houstonians!