Tuesday, May 24, 2005

All Kinds of Time Wasters

Saw this on someone else's blog and had to try while I am lamenting things I will not be able to see in London:

William Blake
You are William Blake! Wow. I'm impressed. Not
only are you a self-made artist and poet, but
you've suddenly become a very trendy guy to
like. It's not that we doubt that you have all
your marbles, it's just that we're not quite
sure what you did with them to come up with
those terrifying theological visions. The
people of your time were nowhere near as
forgiving as that, and all your neighbors
thought you were a grade-A nut job. But we
love you, so rest happy.

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
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Unknown said...

I am.... John Keats!

You're John Keats! You were born poor, trained to be a doctor, and then decided you wanted to be a poet. You threw yourself into poetry with great dedication. You're very nice and extremely dedicated to your art. You write great letters and sexy poetry. It's amazing how much you got done in your short lifetime.

C. Margery Kempe said...

What? No picture?!

I can see a certain symmetry in that outcome. One must not always be that which one has trained to be. Go with your creativity! And you are very nice :-)

C. Margery Kempe said...

Here's from my friend Diane:

Hi Kate! :)

I do love reading your blog while you are away.

I actually was going to respond to the romantic poet quiz but didn't realize I would have to *make a blog*. I got so far as naming it "Thunder The Musical" after my 15 year old cat but really couldn't go with the rest.

So what poet am I??? Get ready!

"You are Samuel Taylor Coleridge! The infamous "archangel a little damaged!" You took drugs and talked for hours, it's true, but you also made a conscious choice to cultivate the image of the deranged poet in a frenzy of genius. You claimed you wrote "Kubla Khan" in an afternoon after a laudanum, when you pretty manifestly did no such thing. You and your flashing eyes and floating hair. And your brilliant scholarship and obvious genius."

The other thing I was going to mention to you the other day when I noticed you had William Blake's Hecate on your site is that we have (among many prints and paintings) a print of Isaac Newton by Blake in our dining room. It is interesting that you chose to be presented as Hecate and then came out as Blake!

Hope you are having fun!


Stephanie said...

Criminy, I'm William Blake, too!
And I can't imagine we answered the questions similarly....

C. Margery Kempe said...

Ha ha -- I'm sure there must be some similarities. I wonder how the program actually works. And Perilous Cheryl was Coleridge. She was not impressed until she remembered that he did write sppoky things like "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." I also mentioned "Christabel," the first English vampire story as far as I can tell (written in 1797, although not published until 1816).