Monday, December 26, 2005


I am off to the Modern Language Association Conference tomorrow. At present, my paper on Njal's sagais still a page too long, but my PowerPoint presentation is just about ready.

While in DC, I'll be staying at the pop art Hotel Helix which, Mike Rhode tells me, is quite new, part of the dressing up of downtown. It's probably good to be a little way away from the main conference hotels--there is no anxiety quite like the job hunt anxieties at MLA. Think of it: thousands of people competing for hundreds of jobs, all trying to shine as brightly as they can for days on end. Having been on both sides of the table, I know it's an exhausting process for everyone.

Say, isn't there a good used bookstore in DuPont Circle...?


Patricia Golemon said...

I thought I'd get to read your paper on that first link, but no such luck! However, I did check out the Hotel Helix and hope you and Gene are taking advantage of the complimentary champagne. Speaking of the bubbly, it's new year's eve here and I will probably not get any champagne tonight to end this year. I have tried to buy it several places and was offered some very strange things, including an engassed reisling, but none of them were the real article, or even a sparkling wine of decent vintage. The people in Taiwan are not bibulous, which is to their credit but an annoyance to us tourist lushes. Probably no caviar, either. I should go back to the Grand Hotel!

Happy New Year to you and Gene. May everything good be yours in 2006.

Gene K. said...

Pat, I can see why you were puzzled by being offered an engassed reisling - when I discoverd one, the doctor recommended that I have it removed.